PHOTO PAGE #3 - Foxhunting in Virginia
Foxhunting in Ol' Virginny
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Adrian Smith (then prof. Kennel-Huntsman) with Grosvenor and Rosie Merle-Smith

delabrooke at brh
The DeLaBrooke Foxhounds at Bull Run.

The late John Tabachka and his sons, John and Mike (Feb '97)

blue ridge view
View to the Blue Ridge from the base of Cedar Mountain

prudence takes a ticking
Prudence takes a ticking and keeps on licking. Grosvenor Merle-Smith, JtMFH, prepares a champion for her show debut. Ain't no dignity gettin' purty.

Adrian and the visiting Jos Mottershead from Canada.

Grosvenor Merle-Smith, JtMFH and hon. Huntsman, and Adrian bring the lads home.

addis' at brh
Addis' Hounds at Bull Run.

goin' home
Goin' home.

perfect ending
Perfect ending to a perfect day, but this photo doesn't do it justice.

end of long, hot day
End of a hard, hot day from John Jaske's Spring Hill Farm.

My kingdom for a hoss!

A meeting of minds.

woodford at brh
Woodford Hunt at Bull Run.

grosvenor rescues stirrup
Grosvenor rescues a member's stirrup from Devil's Run months after the incident. Be careful of the stories you tell... there may be evidence. -- Revised: 02 January 2005.
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