PHOTOS #2 - Foxhunting in Virginia
Foxhunting in Ol' Virginny
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Along the Potomac. Bull Run at DeLaBrooke from Bayside in Maryland.

Jeff Eichler (right) with Grosvenor & Rosie Merle-Smith at Cameron & Martha Thompson's Muckamoor Farm.

"Coolest earth I've ever seen." -- G.M-S

On the south bank of the Rapidan River between Rapidan village and Raccoon Ford at Clark Mountain, Virginia.

Joe Kincheloe's (JtMFH, BRH) Birmingham Farm.

Whipper-In Barclay Rives & his hoss salute the pack.

Gone to woodshed near Muckamoor.

Where's the rest'a 'em dang fool hounds?

Gathering hounds.

A nice new 'coop at Walnut Hill.

Grosvenor Merle-Smith, JtMFH, BRH, cheers on the joint pack (Bull Run at DeLaBrooke) who found their line even in the choking dust of a dry, newly sown field.
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