CARTOONS - Foxhunting in Virginia
Foxhunting in Ol' Virginny
Although the draftsmanship and the jokes may have evolved since the mid-19thC, it's clear that the sport, the situations, and the people haven't changed much in a hundred and fifty years.
We know these people... they are us! (Well... you, maybe.)
John Leech (portraits)
Poor thing 32k
A careful rider 25k
Give her her head 31k
In a hurry 22k
George's leap 34k
Uphill pony 35k
Don't move 34k
Hound's worth 35k
Politeness 39k
Ware wheat 39k
Mr. Briggs series
Opening a gate 30k
At a gap 33k
Steeplechase ser. 113k
Glorious run 23k
Mr. Jorrocks series
MrJ wants twenty 26k

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Georgina Bowers (bio note & photo)
Choice of Evils 31k
Run of the Season 23k
Pleasant Suggestion 20k

J. Priestly Atkinson
(as Dumb-Crambo Junior)
Hunting 1
Hunting 2
Hunting 3
A Run With the Berkshire 1
A Run With the Berkshire 2

Fox followed by... 13k

A. C. Corbould
Willing Convert 30k
Baptism 27k
Werry nigh off 31k

Shoo, fox ! 21k

For you true "Punch" afficionados who've puzzled over the signature runes on the original cartoons, I've added a page showing the signatures of ninety-nine artists. (75k). Where else can you find this stuff?

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