Foxhunting in Virginia
Foxhunting in Ol' Virginny
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Removed all of the stuff that needed updating and maintenance. I don't hunt anymore, but this site may be useful to some folks, so I'll leave the permanent stuff up as a service to humanity.

Like all complex, anachronistic, and worthwhile activities, foxhunting has a lexicon all its own.

The definitions are organized into three main pages
which are accessed via the main Glossary page. Some terms are illustrated with click-to-see photos.

What to wear, what to wear...  and when... and why. Maybe your hunt doesn't do it quite this way, but this page should give you a general idea of what "proper" means for foxhunting attire and appointments.

Perhaps I'll also get around to illustrating some of this stuff sometime.

Enjoy a few dozen of the scores of foxhunting cartoons that could be found in "Punch" magazine since the mid 19thC. Some things just don't seem to change.

Here's a partial list of websites for hunt clubs, foxhunting-related organizations, and sources of information.

Links are found on three main pages (hunts, organizations, and information) with graphics on even more separate pages, all of which are accessed via the main Links page.

I took most of these photos from the saddle with Bull Run Hunt near Culpeper, Virginia.

They are organized into three main pages
which are accessed via the main Photos page.

One fellow, all dressed-up for a day's foxhunting, was asked, "Where y'all goin' dressed like that? "He answered, "To church." Since all good religions need a set of immutable laws, I chiseled these atop a mountain (okay, hillock) while communing with the spirits of Jack Daniel.

• This is a personal website, generated for my own amusement and to teach myself webmanship. This is not an official web site for any hunt or organization, not even of any kind. Nobody's to blame but me, and I'm not worth suing, trust me.
If the photos have inadvertently embarassed or offended anyone, well... sorry, but the camera was there.
If you don't like the cartoons, your problem is with a bunch of cartoonists — most of 'em dead.
If you think the commandments are blasphemous, lighten up, this is just for fun — if I deserve a good thrashin', I reckon ol' God'll do it hisself.
If you don't agree with or don't understand terms in the glossary, e-mail me — I'm always willing to learn and to clarify.
If you don't agree with the "proper" appointments — hey, I didn't make this stuff up.
If you would like to have your hunt, organization or other link posted on the links page, just email me.

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